Ingbert Brunk

Ingbert Brunk

Ingbert Brunk, German sculptor, lives and works on Naxos since 1986.

Ingbert exhibits regularly in Athens, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. He has also shown in the United States.

The artist works on the white, translucent and crystalline marble of NAXOS. “I like to work with the material in the place where it originates”, he says. If the classical inspiration is present in the work of the artist, it also refers to the Cycladic forms. Ingbert’s work combines an archaic vocabulary with modern forms.

Most of Ingbert’s sculptures are usually shaped to make the most interesting use of the seams of black, grey and yellow with which it is veined. He uses the differences in both color and texture of marble to create effects.

Although virtuoso, his sculptures such as spheres, columns, folds, are of a great simplicity.

One of his appealing form are the small pillows, though obviously made of marble, which look as they would be soft to the touch. Another is the tunic, a shape of a somewhat biblical garment, where the artist was inspired by the story of Joseph and his brothers, in which the robe of Joseph was exhibited by his brothers as a proof of his death.

Recently, the artist has worked with the concept of frame and picture. The artist works on a frame shape and uncovers the colored inclusions of the marble in order to make a pictorial motif in the center. The motif in the concave marble exhibits effects of depth as well as of contrast of polishing.

Brunk also creates pieces that requires a high technical expertise in order to make the marble sinuous and transparent, such as the pieces called “Movement”, “Cycladic”.