Nelson JALIL

Nelson Jalil, Visual Artist

The universe presented by Nelson Jalil is populated by apparently banal objects: papers, watercolor pots, boxes, pencils, which are part of the artist’s everyday environment.

Nelson deliberately chooses modest objects. The latter are neutral and deprived of embellishment, they are neither supports of attachment nor memories. Stripped of sentimental ornament, these things  have no narcissistic function.

The artist leaves the word to the object by restoring its originality. His approach consists in revealing the beauty of everyday objects, an illustrated version of the “Parti pris des choses” in which he finds a source of personal joy.

We noticed the works of Nelson Jalil during the 2016 ART TURIN  Fair. We then approached the artist during a stay in Havana and proposed to join the gallery.



Diploma from the University of Arts of Havana (ISA).
Diploma from the Camaguey City Fine Arts Academy.

Solo Exhibitions

“The place of everything”, collateral event to the12 th Havana Biennale, Fucina des Artistas Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
“Others saliva”, Servando Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

A minute facing the horizon”, IOS Art Space, Cancún, México.

“The crack in the pool”, Fidelio Ponce de León Galerie, OHCC, Camagüey City, Cuba.

“Leakage”, Ludwig Fondation de Cuba, Havana, Cuba.
“Inventory Project”, Ludwig Fondation of Cuba, Havana, Cuba.

“If you can´t be rich be famous”, Salvador Cisneros Galerie, Camagüey City.

Group Exhibitions

“The silence before the storm (II), Fortaleza San Carlos de La Cabaña, Havana.

“The silence before the storm (I)”, House Museum Benito Juárez, Havana, Cuba.
“Stone paper and scissors”, Cuban Art Factory, Havana, Cuba.
“Bread and circus” University of Arts (ISA), Havana, Cuba.

Post-it, Galiano Galerie, Havana, Cuba.
Video International Festival of Camagüey IV, Camagüey City, Cuba.

Brighten your own chemistry IV”, House of the Poetry Gallery, collateral event to the 11th Havana Biennale, Cuba.

Video International Festival of Camagüey III, Camaguey City, Cuba
“Dose”, Centre des Beaux-Arts, Camagüey City.

Video International Festival of Camagüey II, Camaguey City, Cuba.

“Brighten your own chemistry II”,  Photographs Library Galerie, Havana, Cuba.
“Over and Out”, during Havana 10th Biennale, University of Arts (ISA), Havana, Cuba.

“We are porno, si”, Aglutinador Galerie, Havana, Cuba.
“Stalker”, University of Arts (ISA), Havana.

“The harvest”, Center for Visual Arts, Havana  Cuba

“Cabeza de vena”, (Built situation Project), University of Arts (ISA), Havana, Cuba.
La Havane City Salon, Luz y Oficios Galerie, Havana, Cuba.
9th at the Carpentry, University of Arts (ISA), collateral event to Havana 9th Biennale, Cuba.
“Shoot and shoot well”, Intervention at Shooting Field in Vedado, Havana.




He has served as professor of Painting and Art Critics in Vicentina de la Torre Arts Academy.


Prize winner, La Havane City Salon, Luz y Oficios Galerie, La Havane.

Prize winner, Camagüey City Salon, Alejo Carpentier Galerie. Camagüey City, Cuba.