Arièle ‘s works relate to geometric abstraction, op-art or kinetic art. The artist‘s geometric abstraction combines with the appeal to primary forms:  the circle, the cross – and to a minimal use of bright colors.

Arièle Rozowy’s work carries a double plan perspective – that of the wall and that of the painting –  then a third dimension which is that of light, and also a fourth dimension, that of the movement of the observer. Arièle Rozowy’s work plays on perception in a surprising way with regard to the simplicity of the plastic process. The artist uses a metal plate hollowed out of identical circles or brightly colored stars, like points of convergence of the glance and so the optical effects arise.

The “Elusive Circles” multiply the parameters of perception, opening a new field of possibilities. This work cannot be apprehended at first glance, it is never quite the same depending on the time of day and the light of time, nor even according to the movement induced by its spectator.


                                   Arièle Rozowy is a French artist living in Paris, France. She studied at the Ateliers du Carousel, Musée d’Arts Décoratifs in Paris