"From then on everything changed in me ... I recovered my serenity and energy came back to me from day to day."
Van Gogh decides to be an artist, 1879
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Legend has it that Achillea, a plant with healing properties, cured Achilles and his wounded fighters on the battlefield.

Like the plant, Achillea Gallery subscribes to the idea of regeneration through Art.

Achillea’s artists represent various disciplines and are committed in new ways of creation. The gallery further undertakes to support and celebrate its artists talent and their works.

Anne Bateson,

After training in the legal and financial areas, Anne studied study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, United States. She was worked for 25 years as a lawyer and then as CFO and Secretary General of private equity investment funds.

Anne is a pianist, participates in master classes and organizes regular concerts with a group of musicians.

Anne is now redirecting the path of her activity, with a focus on contributing to the emergence of artists and new creations:

“During journeys to Europe, the Middle East or the Caribbean, we reached out and encountered independent artists fully dedicated to their art and whose work is both original and compelling.  A relationship of closeness developed with these artists, and so the project Achillea came into existence.”

Daniel Katsimbras

Daniel is Greek citizen, manager of the Paros Gallery.

He is studying art and theater and is by avocation an amateur of contemporary art.

Daniel participates in the exhibitions  scenography and in the managing of exhibitions.


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